Dec 25 2016 - 2:17am

The Northumberland Park Partnership Board (NPPB) is formed of local residents who have come together to support people, community and organisations based in the ward to access funds, in order to improve services in the area. 

The Board was successful in partnership with Haringey Council in securing a total of £210,000 grant funding to distribute, of which £180,000 is from the DCLG Transformation Challenge Award Grant and £30,000 is from a community health improvement initiative – Well Communities (Well London) – all of which is to benefit the Northumberland Park ward area.

The Board have appointed The Selby Trust to administer and monitor the grant funds.  Read more about Northumberland Park Grant Funds

Dec 18 2015 - 4:04pm

Helping Refugees in Haringey

Refugees Welcome in Haringey based at the Selby Centre is working towards preparing for the arrival of Refugees. They understand that many... Read more about Refugee Pledge