Haringey 40:20 - Making a Solar Powered Charger in 1 day

Nov 19 2016 - 11:57am

We are grateful to Haringey 40:20 for the grant that enables us to deliver 3 training sessions on how to make a solar power charger in a day.  Nine people attended our first session on 16th November and it was a roaring success! The good news is that no technical knowledge needed and two further sessions are planned, one in partnership with Haringey 6th Form for young people in January/February and one for unemployed local people in February/March. If YOU are unemployed and interested in learning how to make a solar panel charger in the Feb/Mar period, then do email us on reception@selbytrust.co.uk or contact us on 0208 885 5499 - as you can imagine  PLACES ARE VERY LIMITED FOR THIS FREE COURSE!!! (We will collect names and advise people of the date in the first week of January 2017).

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