Selby Trust Offering Volunteering Placements and Support into Work

Oct 2 2013 - 12:51pm

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The Selby Trust is offering a range of volunteering opportunities and work placements to support un-employed individuals get back to work in partnership with the Job Centre Plus, London Councils and Urban Futures.

The Selby Centre is offering volunteering experience with 6 hours one-to-one support and practical skills in our Wood Works Wonders projects, Community Energy Lab, Global Garden, Global Kitchen, GreenWheels Bike recycling project and Facilities Management including support for improving your CV, interview skills and preparation for work. 

In addition, the Selby centre is keen to support those volunteering their time with FREE Training through partners and on-site organisations in: 

- CSCS Card for Construction

- SIA Security Training

- Accredited Preparation for Work and Employability Skills Course

- Business Admin

- Retail

- Basic IT


Placements last either 30 hours plus support or 8-12 weeks depending on the individual and circumstances to be discussed at interview. 

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To be eligible for support, you must be in receipt of benefits OR able to prove you are unemployed and looking for work for less than one year. Those on the Work Programme ARE NOT eligible for support. 

Volunteers must be able to bring a copy of their proof of ID or Valid Passport, proof of the right to work in the UK and NI number.


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Once introduced to the Selby Trust and our projects, volunteers will then meet project managers to identofy how we can best support them and enrol for any training that will benefit the individual. 

If you're interested in finding out more or would like to refer someone for volunteering with us please email James at or call 0208 85 5499 with your name and contact details.


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