Action for Change through Community Organising Workshop

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Thursday, 31 October 2019 - 9:30am to 5:30pm

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If you are interested or would like further information please get in touch with Moussa Amine Or Paige by calling 0208 885 5499 or email

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Workshop Overview

This one-day course will explore how you can make change for good through collective action. You will explore the different types of action you can take, from DIY action to campaigning, explore stories of action and success factors and learn how to develop a strategy for change based on listening, building people power and leadership and picking tactics and methods for action.

This course builds on our Introduction, Listening and Power course. On this course we get to the heart of the action. What can we do together to create change in our neighbourhoods and communities? How do we know what is the right action to take? How do we make mobilise our network of people? How do we work together to lead change?

Share and learn from stories of action: campaigning, community enterprise, takeover of assets, community events, holding politicians to account.

Learn about calling people to action through stories and how community organising enables people to lead and support action which makes them feel powerful together.


You will explore:

  • the purpose of action in community organising and the types of actions that effect change
  • how to motivate & organise people to take action in their community
  • team building and theories of change
  • To be able to plan, lead and evaluate action

The course also provides a reminder of the basics of community organising which are covered in our Introduction to Community Organising course. If you haven’t been on our Introduction course, we would encourage you to do this before signing up to our Action course.

This training is free. It is run by The Selby Trust Social Action Hub and supported by Community Organisers Ltd.

The course lasts for 7 hours. Like all of our training, it is both challenging and enjoyable. It is designed so that everybody can take part and share their ideas and experiences and learn some practical tools and skills.

Providing high quality and enjoyable learning experiences is very important to us. Our trainers are quality assured and experienced in community organising, and our courses are endorsed as quality training by Certa/ABC Awards. Certification for this can be achieved through completion of the full 1-day course.

There are no geographical restrictions and everyone is welcome to attend.

Lunch and refreshments will be served during this workshop but please arrive for 9.30 am for refreshments so that we can make a prompt start

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