Projects Funded

September 2019

The successful applications from September 2019 are:

  • Reuben

    • Age: 17
    • Project/Organisation: Bruce Grove Youth Space
    • Applied For: Reuben and his friends applied for £250 to help with the costs of their talent show in Dec
  • Natalia

    • Age: 13
    • Project/Organisation: Haringey Play Association / Somerford Grove Adventure Playground
    • Applied For: Natalia and her friends applied for £250 for their end of year party they are organising for other young people and their families.

July 2019

The successful applications from July 2019 are:

  • Ted

    • Age: 17
    • Project/Organisation: Tottenham District Scouts
    • Applied For: Ted applied for £250 to pay for camping equipment and costs for a trip to the Lake District for young people who would otherwise not afford to go.
  • Kristina

    • Age: 14
    • Project/Organisation: Northumberland Park Girls Club
    • Applied For: Kristina and her friend Bianca applied for £234 so their girls group could go on a trip to the London Dungeons over the summer holidays.
  • Kyro

    • Age: 11
    • Project/Organisation: Project 2020
    • Applied For: Kyro and his friends applied for £176.97 to buy a range of equipment for their youth club including a keyboard, playstation games and pool cues.

April 2019

The successful applications from April 2019 are:

  • Belle 

    • Age: 11
    • Project/Organisation: Black Arts Production
    • Applied For: Belle and her friends; Zahani and Kaliyah applied for £238.98 to purchase a Video Camera and DVDs so they could film a theatre performance about the dangers of knife crime so it can be used in schools across Tottenham. 
  • Niayla 

    • Age: 15
    • Project/Organisation: Haringey Shed
    • Applied For: Naiyla and her friends; Sienna, Tatiana and Shandezz applied for £250 to purchase hoodies for their theatre group. 
  • Ashley

    • Age: 14
    • Project/Organisation: LIFT/The Vale School
    • Applied For: Ashley and his friends; Zerda, Deshawn, Hemish, Sudenaz and Reuben are working on producing an argumented reality game about the diverse lives in Tottenham. They are planning a trip to the BBC in May to visit their Virtual Reality hub to learn more about this technology. The group of young people include young people with disabilities who require transport to be able to attend the trip. They applied for £250 towards transport costs of their trip.
  • Abena

    • Age: 12
    • Project/Organisation: Markfield
    • Applied For: Abena applied for funding to get equipment for the afterschool and holiday club she attends at Markfield. Abena and all of the young people were really good at sourcing a number of items for £250 including basketballs, footballs, badminton equipment, musical instruments and sensory toys. Markfield run afterschool clubs and holiday schemes for young people with learning difficulties, autism and their siblings.