Corporate Employee Volunteering - Feedback

Below is just a few quotes of feedback we have had.

Really easy to organise. A few emails exchanges and it was done! The day was very well organised, the team were professional, welcoming and really passionate about their community centre. I highly recommend this charity for anyone planning a volunteering day" - Jake, AOL

When I was given the task to arrange the company volunteer day, I had no idea where to start. Google threw up some potential leads, including the Selby Centre. After emailing several charities, it was clear the Selby were experienced and gave me all the information I needed in the first email to going. They took all of the hardwork out of organising the day leaving me to get on with my work" - Kate, Argos

The Selby Team were really great. They made us feel comfortable and welcomed from the minute we sat down. Our supervisor Michael, was down to earth, funny and really engaging. We were made to feel valued for our contribution and could see the difference we made" - James, Vodafone

I was really worried about doing the activity, it sounded really physically demanding. But it was perfectly fine. We worked as a team and I found myself with the role of bringing back the empty trollies which I was comfortable with". - Emma, AON

Fantastic day! It all went so fast. I tried things I had never done before and got to know my work colleagues in other departments. The Selby staff were fun, appreciative of our support and made us feel a part of their family". - Louise, Price Waterhouse Cooper

Had an absolute fantastic day in the Selby garden. It was hardwork but enjoyable. A great place, great charity and great staff." -  Pete, Ernest and Young

Fantastic community centre, run by a great charity. I gave myself 4 months to organise the day and it was all arranged within a few weeks. The Selby Trust provided everything I needed, even things I had not considered. I was able to copy and paste information to the rest of the team and provide all the information to our HR team. There was no chasing or waiting for things. Great pre-event communications,, fantastic day and really worthwhile"Nicola, Timberland

We were searching for opportunities for our staff team and found it difficult as some were charging £50 per a head and many had activities that were not appealing to the whole team. Then we found the Selby Trust, they only wanted money to cover their costs, the invoice was so precise as it only covered the materials we used, they had a range of activities and let us split the groups to do a mix of things that made the whole team happy. We have been back several times since - Michael, BT