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The Selby Trust became part of the National Community Organising Expansion Programme where we will be training 120 Community organisers over the next 3 years, and become one of the 20 national Social Action Hub. Community organising is the work of building relationships and networks in communities to activate people and create social and political change through collective action.

Local residents will have the opportunity to have a One Day Taster Training CPD Certified in Introduction to Community Organising.

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Feb-14 4:30 pm

2,000th Learner to enrol in training as part of the Community Organisers Expansion Programme

Community Organisers and The National Academy of Community Organising are delighted to announce the 2,000th Learner to enrol in training as part of the Community Organisers Expansion Programme. Over the past few years, community organising has emerged as a vibrant and powerful movement; building collective power within communities; enabling people to overcome social injusticeby taking action around their common concerns. It is such a popular movement that organisations as diverse as the...

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Jan-16 5:46 pm

New Chief Executive at The Selby Trust

The Selby Trust is delighted to announce that Paul Butler is to be our Chief Executive Officer at the Trust from 4th February 2019, following Sona’s decision to depart The Selby Trust after 11...

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Jun-30 3:02 pm

Selby Joins Forces With Red Bull For Social Entrepreneur Day

A day for anyone that has an interest in becoming a social entrepreneur. We'll have inspiring stories from those that have already set up their own social enterprises, along with information on how...

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May-31 8:35 pm

General Election - open letter

Open letter from Haringey migrant/refugee organisations As Haringey-based voluntary and community organisations working with and for refugees and migrants, we are very concerned that after 8th ...

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May-05 2:33 pm

Spinach Sales

Dexter Kelly who runs the allotment at the Selby Trust has a new crop of spinach to sell! The spinach is organic and no pesticides have been used. If you would like cheap, fresh local produce then...

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